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Is It Safe to Let My Cat Go Outdoors?

Indoor cats can live longer; encounter fewer dangers


It’s relatively easy to keep a dog safe in your backyard. Cats? Not so much. Here are just a few reasons to strongly consider keeping your kitty inside.

Unknown dangers

When cats go out, they can roam far and wide without their human parents there to make sure they’re safe. Research shows that outdoor cats have much shorter life spans than indoor cats, because they encounter risks that just don’t happen at home. Some of these risks include:

  • Cars and traffic
  • Other cats who may have diseases or parasites
  • Larger animals who may hurt them
  • Poisons, antifreeze or other toxic substances

But isn’t roaming their natural instinct?

Cats like to have their own territory; but they are relatively small creatures so even a studio apartment is relatively big “territory” for them. For a cat, “territory” can simply mean “the living room” or “the scratching post.”

Ok, but how do I get my cat to agree?

If your cat is already used to going outside, transitioning to an indoor lifestyle may take some adjustment; just remember it’s for their own good. Try a little spritz of water from a spray bottle to discourage your cat from hanging around the door. If your cat cries to be let outside, block the view from the windows for a while until your kitty adjusts.

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