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Why Is My Cat Eating Grass?

Your cat’s grazing habits are actually perfectly normal


Is my cat a vegetarian now?

Probably not! Your cat is just acting on the instinct to get rid of anything swallowed that can’t be digested. Cats swallow a lot of stuff that isn’t food, from their own fur while grooming, to the bones and feathers of their unfortunate prey. Since their bodies can’t digest those materials, they have to come back up.

But what about the grass?

Grass also can’t be digested by cats, which is exactly why they sometimes eat it. The grass causes them to vomit anything that otherwise would be bad for them.

Grow your own kitty grass

Cats without access to grass may try to snack on houseplants, some of which can poison them. An indoor patch of cat grass lets your herd of cats graze safely whenever they feel the need. Just plant the seeds according to the package directions and kitty-safe greenery will be ready in about 8 days.

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When to call the vet

Cat shouldn’t be grazing all that frequently. Talk to your veterinarian if your cat seems to be eating a lot of grass or vomiting often.