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Top Fin® LED Hooded Aquarium

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The Top Fin 75 Gallon LED Hooded Aquarium features a size 75 glass aquarium with black frame, hinged glass top with handle for easy access to feed fish and perform maintenance and 48" LED strip light that illuminates your aquatic environment.

Features: Size 75 aquarium with black frames

  • Glass hinge top
  • 48 in LED Strip Light


  • Size 75 aquarium with black frames
  • lass hinge top
  • 48 in LED Strip Light

    Intended Pet(s): Fish
    Material(s): Glass, Plastic, Aluminum
    Color: Clear Glass and Hinged Tops, Black Frames, Black LED Light Fixture
    Product Dimensions:
    Aquarium: 48.5 in L x 18.5 in W x 23.375 in H
    LED Fixture: 48 in L 4 in W x 1.75in H
    Capacity: 75 Gallon
    Caution: Children should have adult supervision with setup, maintenance, and fish care. Never try to move a full or partially full aquarium. Never lift an aquarium with wet hands.

    Advice forUse: Consult a pet care guide for the appropriate size and number of fish/pets. Do not overcrowd the tank.

    Top Fin Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Your Top Fin Glass Aquarium comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, subject to the conditions and exceptions stated below. The warranty terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the aquarium. Warranty is limited to the replacement of the tank only and not responsible for property or livestock.

    This warranty is void under the following conditions and exceptions:

  • If the aquarium is placed on a stand that is not commercially manufactured for use with an aquarium of this size and weight, is inadequate to accommodate the size and weight of the aquarium or does not provide a flat, level surface capable of fully supporting the aquarium's bottom frame.
  • If the aquarium is moved when it is not completely empty.
  • If the sealant at the inside edges or corners of the aquarium is removed or cut.
  • If there is breakage of a tempered aquarium.
  • If the aquarium is chipped or shows any glass damage due to impact, negligence or mishandling.
  • If the aquarium is modified by an entity other than the original manufacturer.
  • If the aquarium is used for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Top Fin® LED Hooded Aquarium
    234.99 New Out Of Stock
    Top Fin® LED Hooded Aquarium
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