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Diamond Dove


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  • Ideal for children 8 & up
  • Makes soothing sounds
  • Lives 20 to 25 years
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Doves love to be stroked and held and want to interact with their Pet Parents as much as possible. They require 15-30 minutes or more of daily interaction. These gentle birds can often be tamed to sit on your hand. The soft cooing sounds of the male bird make the dove an amusing pet.

Things to remember

Feed her 1-2 teaspoons per day of a pellet or seed-based, fortified finch diet.

Doves swallow their seeds whole. Place a small pinch of grit in their food each week to help aid in digestion.

High metabolic rate
Because a dove's metabolism is very active, food should be available at all times.

Long-term companions
Before purchasing, be aware that a dove requires a long-term commitment of approximately 20 to 25 years.

A cuttlebone can be provided for your dove.

Your dove's cage must be large enough for her to comfortably stretch her wings and fly from perch to perch. The bigger the cage, the better.

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Diamond Dove
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