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carefresh® Candy Corn Small Pet Bedding

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Provide bedding for your small pet that is ultra-absorbent and relentless on odors with Carefresh Candy Corn Special Edition Natural Paper Bedding. This bedding is crafted from scratch with pillowy soft. Ultra-absorbent comfyfluff designed specifically for small pets. Unlike other bedding, Carefresh makes its own paper using raw, natural fiber obtained directly from its source to ensure your small pet lives a happy, healthy and loveable life.


  • 10 Day Odor Control
  • 2 times more absorbent than shavings
  • 99% Dust-Free easy clean-up

    Material: Natural Paper Bedding
    Environment Type: Indoors
    Species: Small Pets
    Material: Raw Natural Fiber
    Color: White, Yellow, Orange
    Package Dimensions: 1,404 cubic inches
    Package Weight: 23 Liters
    Directions: Apply 1-3 inches of Carefresh bedding to your pet's home.

    Cleaning Instructions: Maintaining a clean cage will keep your pet happy and healthy. We recommend removing all bedding and washing your pet's home with a diluted soap solution once a week. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue before adding new Carefresh bedding. Spot cleaning on a daily basis can help extend time between cleanings. Frequency will depend on the size of your pet's home and the number of pets.

  • carefresh® Candy Corn Small Pet Bedding
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