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Thrive Tropical Reptile Terrarium Essentials Kit - 30 Gallon

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Create your reptile's perfect world with this Thrive Tropical Starter Kit. This kit contains everything your reptile will need to thrive. This terrarium's vertical design encourages natural climbing behaviors that ultimately help reptiles move closer to UVB light. UVB rays are essential for calcium absorption and bone health. Only at PetSmart.


  • Vertical design encourages natural climbing behaviors
  • Open front door for easy access
  • Built-in screen locks help prevent escaping
  • Slots for cord management


  • 30-gallon vertical glass terrarium with open front door
  • Mesh screen lid
  • 60-watt daytime blue heat bulb
  • 13-watt tropical UVB bulb
  • Two 5.5 in deep dome lamps
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer combo
  • Compressed coconut fiber
  • Tropical cling background
  • Twisted leafy vine
  • Suction cup food and water dish

    Intended Pet(s): Ideal for Geckos, Chameleons, Anoles, Tropical Snakes, Amphibians, and long-tailed lizards
    Color: Clear, Black
    Caution: Never try to move a full or partially full terrarium. Never lift a terrarium with wet hands. Never use soap or detergent on any items placed in your terrarium, as they are highly toxic to pets.

    Advice for Use: Consult a pet-care guide for the appropriate size and number of pets. Do not overcrowd terrarium. Rinse décor in warm water before placing in terrarium.

  • Thrive Tropical Reptile Terrarium Essentials Kit - 30 Gallon
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