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How to Choose a Dog Leash

Take the lead with leashes that keep your pet safe and stylish



Well-priced, durable and washable.

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Training leashes

Often made from cotton webbing, these leashes come in lengths between 15 and 50 feet and are good for teaching puppies to come when called (they’re great backup if your pup isn’t good at that yet).

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This style makes it easy to safely draw dogs closer to you or let them roam a little, which helps with canines prone to tugging.

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High-tech features include padded handles, quick hitches and traffic loops.

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The price tag can be higher, but leather leashes are durable and long lasting. Leather is easy to grip and softens from the oils on your hands, making these leashes increasingly comfortable as they age – just like your dog!

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Sure dogs slobber a little, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have drool-worthy accessories too.

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Tie-out and stake

Ideal for pet parents who are big on camping and traveling. Anchor the stake in the ground, leash your dog to the tie-out and keep your dog securely nearby in the great, uncontained outdoors. Note: These are not to be used to restrain a dog for a long period of time, such as in a backyard.

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