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What Kind of Cat Carrier Should I Buy?

Pick a carrier to travel safely with your cat


How big should the cat carrier be?

A cat carrier should be no more than 1 1/2 times the size of your cat. This will offer enough room for your pet to lie down flat, stand up and turn, but isn’t so big that kitty will rattle around.

What should the cat carrier be made of?


If you and your feline travel frequently by car, go with a sturdy crate made of high-density polypropylene. (Don’t forget to stabilize the crate with a seat belt when you’re driving.)

Back home, the hard-sided carrier can double as a cozy indoor den for your cat. Make it more comfortable by lining it with a washable foam pad.


If you are traveling by air, choose a carrier made of durable fabric or a flexible material that can be stowed at your feet in the main cabin. Be sure the carrier allows adequate space for the cat to stand up, move around a bit and lie down.

Cardboard carrier

If you’re only going a short distance (say to the vet’s office), an inexpensive carrier may be all you need. Just be sure it’s made especially to transport pets, includes air holes, and can handle your cat’s weight.

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