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Garfield Bio Ultra-Clump Grand Cat Litter - Natural, Clumping, 3 Pack

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Keep your home free of odors and tracking associated with litter boxes with Garfield Bio Ultra-Clump Grand Cat Littler. This 3-pack of dust-free litter is made using only natural ingredients, is highly absorbent and clumps in an instant. Scoop clumps easily and even flush if you'd like, and revel in the fact that even the strongest litter box odors are removed quickly and for good.


  • Small grains
  • Completely removes odors from urine
  • 100% natural plant-based
  • Renewable ingredients
  • Flushable
  • Instant Clumping
  • No added chemicals or fragrances
  • Highly absorbent
  • Scoops easily
  • Dust-free
  • Soft on Paws; White color helps detect changes in a cat's urine.

    Material:100% Corn and Cassava
    Environment Type: Indoors/Litter Box
    Species: Cat
    Color: White
    Package Weight: 3 - 5lb bags
    Caution: The State of California encourages the disposal of cat feces in trash and discourages flushing feces in toilets or disposing of them in drains. All types of Garfield Cat Litter are not known to cause harm to animals when ingested in small quantities. However, if a pet eats a large amount of any litter it is recommended contacting a vet.

    1. Place a layer of approximately 2 to 3 inches of Garfield Cat Litter into a litter box.
    2. Garfield Cat Litter will make perfect clumps fully absorbing moisture and odors. To clean, remove clumps and solid waste daily.
    3. It may be disposed in the toilet. Let the clumps soak for a couple of minutes to soften before flushing.
    4. Refill the empty spots on your litter box by adding more of Garfield Cat Litter. To make the product more efficient and even easier to scoop, keep the litter at the recommended level. Give your cat enough litter for digging and adequate covering.

  • Garfield Bio Ultra-Clump Grand Cat Litter - Natural, Clumping, 3 Pack
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