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Teach Your Dog to Stand and Stay

A PetSmart expert reveals how to keep Spot in one spot


Your dog might already have mastered “stay” while sitting or lying down. But remaining in one place on all fours is a canine skill that comes in handy when it’s time for a bath, a tick check or a vet visit.

Teach “stand” and “stay” in two steps.

Step 1: Stand

Work on getting your dog to stand up on command. Have your dog sit, then hold a treat in front of his or her nose. Bring the treat farther back, saying, “stand” until your dog does what you ask — then offer lots of praise and the treat.

Practice this for a few days until your dog has mastered it.

Step 2: Stay

Invite your dog to stand. Next, say, “stay.” If your dog does so for even a split second, respond with praise and a treat. Now, try keeping your dog still for one second, then two, and work your way up over the next few days.

Once you get to about 5 or 10 seconds, your dog should have figured out that this version of “stay” should be performed standing, not sitting or lying down.

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