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Toys "R" Us® Pets Fetch N' Treat Interactive Dog Toy

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Our Toys"R"Us Pets Fetch 'N' Treat Toy stimulates your dog's retrieval instincts and inspires natural fun and exercise. When your dog retrieves the ball and drops it in the Fetch 'N', he's instantly rewarded with a treat. This toy is sure to add some flavor to playtime—keeping your pet happy, healthy and entertained. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Stimulates your dog's retrieval instincts
Includes: 1 Fetch 'N' Treat Toy
Intended For: Dogs
Activity: Hide, Learning
Color: White/Blue
Pet Size: Medium
Caution: Intended for dogs only. Not a child's toy.

Advice for Use:
Ideal for use with dog's favorite kibble or hard bite-sized treats. Not for use with sticky or soft treats. Toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together. Observe your pet's behavior with the toy for suitability. Some toys may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove and replace the toy if it becomes damaged.

Instructions for Use:
1. Remove all plastic wrapping and discard properly.
2. Place the toy on a flat surface with ample room for your dog to access it.
3. Fill the toy with up to 2 cups of kibble or hard treats. The maximum size of the kibble or treats is 0.5 inch (12.5 mm); anything larger will not flow out of the toy. During the initial play session, demonstrate how to drop the ball inside and let him see that this causes the ball to launch and treats to be dispensed.
4. Give the ball to your dog and encourage him to drop it into the toy. When he's successful, offer praise and let him enjoy the treats.
5. Be patient as learning takes time. Be sure to praise your dog for each successful "fetch."

Toys "R" Us® Pets Fetch N' Treat Interactive Dog Toy
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