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Top Paw® Spiral Stake

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You want a stake that along with a tie-out will keep your dog secure while he is outdoors. This Top Paw Spiral Stake corkscrews easily into all soil types, and features a swivel ring that reduces tangling of the attached cable. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Triangle handle with Corkscrew Shaft and a Swivel Ring
Includes: 1 Stake
Intended For: Dogs
Pet Size: Up to 100 lbs
Leash Type: Stake
Color: Silver
Dimensions: 18 in (45.7 cm)
Caution: This product is intended for dogs only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use with choke-type or adjustable collars. Do not use as a tie-out cable for walking your dog. Never use any tie-out cable near or around obstacles in which your dog can become entangled. Remove the cable, stake, or trolley when not in use. Keep hands/extremities clear of the tie-out cable in case your dog lunges. Not all dogs can be tied out effectively. Pet parent supervision and judgment is required. Never leave your dog unattended while on a tie-out cable, stake, or trolley. Check the tension of your tie-out system regularly. Immediately discard the table, stake, or trolley if damaged.

Instructions: Select a site that is level and free of all obstructions. Hammer the device into the ground until the dome is within 1 inch of the surface. Attach one of the tie-out cable clasps to the containment device and the other clasp to your pet's collar or harness.

Top Paw® Spiral Stake
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