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Top Paw® Extra Large Breed Trolley Tie-Out

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The Top Paw Trolley Tie Out allows your dog more freedom to move around than traditional tie-outs. This trolley features an off-the-ground aerial system, allows for multiple configurations, and includes 50 feet of cable. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Multiple Configurations, Off-the-Ground Aerial System
Includes: 1 Trolley Tie Out
Intended For: Dogs
Pet Size: Up to 200 lbs
Leash Type: Tie-Out
Color: Gray
Dimensions: 50 ft (15.2 m)
Caution: Intended for dogs only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use with choke-type or adjustable collars. Do not use as a tie-out cable for walking your dog. Never use any tie-out cable near or around obstacles in which your dog can become entangled. Remove the cable, stake, or trolley when not in use. Keep hands/extremities clear of the tie-out cable in case your dog lunges. Not all dogs can be tied out effectively. Pet parent supervision and judgment is required. Never leave your dog unattended while on a tie-out cable, stake, or trolley. Check the tension of your tie-out system regularly. Immediately discard the table, stake, or trolley if damaged.

1. Select a site between 2 fixed posts/trees that is level and free of all obstructions. Ensure the distance between the fixed posts/trees is no more than 50 ft.
2. Select positions on each post/tree that are equal in width and at least 6 feet from the ground.
3. Screw the eye hooks (A) into the selected positions so they are facing each other, with the openings facing up.
4. Slide the spring end of the cable trolley (F) over the opening of one of the openings of the eye hooks (A) and slide 1 washer (C) onto the cable trolley (B).
5. Slide the cable trolley (B) through the opening of the tie-out wheel (D) and slide the remaining washer (C) onto the cable trolley (B).6. Pull the cable trolley (b) taut and thread it through the unused eye hook (A).
7. Unscrew the nuts from the bottom of one cable clip (E) and place the "U" section around the unsecured end of the cable trolley (B). Reattach the base of the cable clip (E) and tighten the nuts with a wrench. Repeat with the remaining cable clip (E). Use wire cutters to remove any excess cable.
8. Attach a tie-out clasp (G) to the tie-out wheel (D) and the other clasp to dog's collar or harness. This trolley work best with a Top Paw Tie Out.

Top Paw® Extra Large Breed Trolley Tie-Out
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