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Top Paw® Premium LED Flashlight Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

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This Top Paw LED Flashlight Waste Bag Dispenser allows you to illuminate the way as you and your dog enjoy nighttime walks together. Its built-in LED flashlight makes nighttime walks safer, while the dispenser is easy to use and easily refillable. Only at PetSmart.


  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Refillable and easy to use
  • Batteries included

    Includes: 1 Dispenser/10 bags, 3 AG3/LR41 batteries
    Intended Pet(s): Dogs
    Color: Gray, Black
    Product Dimensions: 9 in x 14 in (22.8 x 35.5 cm)
    Instructions: To replace batteries, remove top cap from holder. Remove used batteries. Replace AG3/LR41 button batteries and align all 3 batteries facing the same way. Replace top cap by aligning slots and snap into place. To ensure longer battery life, make sure on/off switch is in correct position.
    Warning: This product contains LR41 button batteries. DO NOT SWALLOW OR PUT BATTERIES IN MOUTH. Swallowing maylead to serious injury or death in as little as 2 hours due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus. If swallowed, call the local poison control center your physician, or the National Button Battery Ingestion Hotline at 1-202-625-3333. Batteries can explode or cause injury if installed backwards, dissembled, charged, crushed, mixed with used or other battery types, or exposed to fire or high temperatures.

    Caution: Plastic bags can be dangerous. Keep away from pets and children. Do not use bags to store food items.

    These batteries are not a toy. DO NOT LEAVE PRODUCTS WITH ACCESSIBLE BUTTON BATTERIES WIHIN REACH OF CHILDRNE. Children and pets should not be left alone with any pet item containing a battery at any time. Do not allow batteries to be submerged in water.

  • Top Paw® Premium LED Flashlight Pet Waste Bag Dispenser
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