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Asian Forest Scorpion


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The Asian Forest Scorpion is more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. They can be kept in groups, but it is not recommended due to their aggressive nature. They will assume a defensive posture more easily and are more likely to protect themselves with their pincers. The venom from an Asian forest scorpion's sting is mild. They are a very common scorpion kept as a pet.

Asian Forest Scorpion
Environment: Tropical Terrarium
Maturity Size: Maximum size 5"
Experience Level: Advanced
Compatibility: Communal
Traits: Avoid handling
Life Span: Average 5-8 years

Care Instructions:
A ten gallon aquarium or terrarium is required with an under-tank heat pad on one side of the tank. The habitat needs a shallow water dish as well as a hiding area. If multiple scorpions are in a tank, multiple hide areas should be provided. The substrate should be 3-4 inches deep. The scorpion's diet is easily maintained with gut-loaded crickets or mealworms.

Asian Forest Scorpion
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