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The Bug Company Mealworms

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The Bug Company supplies Mealworms that are ready-to-eat and packed with luxury accommodations. Their mealworms are raised in complete organic fashion and keep for weeks at 38-45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features: Durable plastic vented container with lid
Food Type: Reptile Food
Food Consistency: Alive and Kicking Adult Mealworms
Nutritional Option: All Natural
Life Stage: All Stages
Flavor: 100% Natural mealworm Flavor
Primary Ingredient: Live Mealworms (Tenibrio Molitor larvae)
Package Weight: 5 oz., 500 Count

Feeding Instructions:
Mealworms are used to feed multiple pet species and the usage varies with the size and appetite of the pet. When feeding pets live mealworms, vitamin dusting powders are often used to increase vitamin intake.

Storing and Care of Mealworms:
For optimal results check your order for seasonal damage andchill all mealworms in the refrigerator to 45 Degrees Fahrenheit. Bug Company mealworms that will be sold within a few days should be placed in our Bluebird Display Rack. Keep them in the fiber cans they came in - DO NOT USE PLASTIC CONTAINERS TO DISPLAY MEALWORMS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE! We suggest that you warm all mealworms out of the refrigerator at least once a week and allow them to eat. Feed pieces of apple or carrot for up to 24 hours and, if consumed, replace their bedding with a suitable product like red wheat bran. Return fed mealworms to cold storage or to your room temperature display rack as needed.

Live Mealworms (Tenibrio Molitor larvae)

The Bug Company Mealworms
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