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CaribSea Jungle Leaf

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The CaribSea Jungle Leaf has been used for decades by fish breeders. These leaves re-create the natural fish environment by releasing tannins and creating a much desired soft shelter for camouflage and nesting. Add

Features: Releases tannins; Creates a soft shelter for camouflage and nesting
Includes: Three 1-2 inch leaves
Intended Pet(s): Freshwater Bettas
Material(s): Catappa Leaves
Color: Brown
Product Dimensions: 1-2 inches

Caution: This product may lower pH. Check pH as needed.

Place one leaf for each 10 gallons into aquarium. Leaves will float, but then eventually sink to the bottom and disintegrate in time. The water may turn a slight tea color which is normal and similar to their native habitat. Can also be used as a forest floor substrate for tropical reptiles and amphibians.

CaribSea Jungle Leaf
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