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Ultra Monthly Monitor Cat Litter

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Easily keep track of your kitty's urinary tract health with this Ultra Pet Ultra Monthly Monitor Litter Additive, which features silica gel with pH indicators that allows you to test your cat's urine pH to help detect possible health problems. The additive ensures simple application, while the unique formula helps control odors by absorbing moisture after the test is complete.

Features: Easily monitor your cat's urine pH to track her urinary tract health; ensures easy and simple application; specially formulated to help control odors by absorbing liquids and moisture

Material: Silica Gel with pH Indicators
Environment Type: Indoor
Species: Cat
Color: White-Clear and Gold
Package Dimensions: 1-1/2"L x 5-3/4"W x 10"H
Package Weight: 1 lb.

Cleaning Instructions:
Replace contents monthly or with every litter change.

Spread contents over the top of litter with each litter change.
Shortly after your cat has urinated, compare the color of the Monthly Monitor at the urination spot with the color chart on the bag and on the enclosed info card.
If low or high pH is registered then you should contact your cat's veterinarian.
Special directions are provided on the bag for cats that dig prior to urinating.
Monthly Monitor is not intended to replace professional veterinarian care, nor can it detect every urine abnormality. If you feel your cat is having any health issue, contact your cat's veterinarian for advice, even if the Monthly Monitor has not shown an abnormal pH range.

Ultra Monthly Monitor Cat Litter
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