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Russian Dwarf Hamster


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product highlights

  • Active at night
  • Ideal for children 10 & up
  • Social within the same family
  • High energy level
  • Lives up to 3 years
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The Russian Dwarf Hamster is about 4-5 inches long with silky gray-brown fur and a black stripe down its back. Some people mistake these hamsters for mice because they have a longer tail than other hamsters. Their long tail makes them great jumpers and climbers in comparison to other hamsters.

These hamsters are much like other hamster species and have similar care. Their friendly nature and ability to become a true member of the family have made them one of the most popular small pets. They can learn to enjoy human interaction, but they're not crazy about other hamsters, so only one hamster per habitat. They like to run and play at night and sleep during the day, so they may be active and noisy after dark.

Things to remember

Easily startled
Be careful, if she gets scared, she may bite. Take extra care when awakening her.

Lifting & handling
Handle your hamster gently -- scoop her up in both hands and hold her with cupped hands so she'll feel safe and secure.

Special needs
Your hamster's front teeth never stop growing -- so she needs lots of healthy things to chew on like treats and chew sticks.

Hamsters have tons of energy and need to run on a wheel in their habitat, or in an exercise ball every day.

Choose a fortified diet appropriate for hamsters.

Russian Dwarf Hamster
15.99 New Out Of Stock
Russian Dwarf Hamster
15.99 New Out Of Stock