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What to Feed My Pet Rabbit

Rabbits say, “Hay… is for eating.”


Hay on the menu

Hay should make up most of your rabbit’s meal. Leave hay out for your pet to nibble throughout the day. Your pet’s diet should be broken down like this:

75% hay

20% rabbit pellets

5% treats

Choosing the right hay

There are lots of different kinds of hay. The most important type for rabbits is grass hay, which has what’s called “long-strand fiber.” Long-strand fiber is not easy to chew or digest. For bunnies, this is a good thing. Grass hay’s toughness helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy and its roughage helps prevent digestion issues.

Grass hay comes in a number of varieties, including oat hay, orchard grass hay, and Timothy hay. Rabbits may enjoy getting a mix of these different kinds. A varied hay salad is generally healthier and more fun for your bunny.

Change up the menu as they age

Rabbits under a year old do well on a diet of grass hay and alfalfa, as well as tasty, lower-fiber greens that are high in calcium; such as kale, romaine or Swiss chard. Rabbits who are pregnant, nursing or recovering from an illness may benefit from eating some alfalfa, too. For healthy adult rabbits, though, alfalfa is better as an occasional treat. Talk to your vet before making any changes to your pet’s diet.

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