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Guinea Pigs at Home and in the Classroom

Adorable guinea pigs are great pets for kids - at home and in the classroom.


Handling your guinea pig

Clean hands are a part of guinea pig playtime. Before cuddling your guinea pig — and right after — hand washing is a must. Guinea pigs like it when you pick them up with both hands. Place one hand under their hind legs and use your other hand to support their body weight. Keep your grip firm and hold your guinea pigs close, so they feel safe and secure (and to stop any squirming or falling).

Your little critters may want to roam around the room, but this could be dangerous — especially if they chew on something electric. So, always keep an on them.

For teachers: a guinea pig in the classroom

Guinea pigs like playing with gentle children, but it’s always best that an adult stay nearby. There are a couple of things that your guinea pig needs everyday: love, affection, food and a clean habitat. Even when school isn’t in session, everyday care is a must. Before bringing guinea pigs into the classroom, check to see that no one is allergic or afraid. Keep in mind, too, that a guinea pig will need health checks, just like your pets at home.

Parenting a classroom guinea pig is a powerful way to teach kids empathy. Young guinea pigs—three to four weeks old—do best in the classroom, as they get used to being held by kids from an early age.

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