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A Teacher's Guide to Having Classroom Pets

Classroom pets offer valuable lessons — and lots of fun


You may be eligible for a grant!

If you’re a K-8 teacher in public or private school, you may be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of a classroom fish, small reptile or small mammal through Pets in the Classroom! Apply for the grant here.

Fun facts about Guinea pigs

  • Guinea pigs jump up and down when they’re happy — it’s called “popcorning”!
  • They’re sensitive to loud noises, so remind students to speak softly around their new fuzzy classmate.
  • Guinea pigs need Vitamin C supplements to stay healthy.

Fun facts about goldfish

  • Goldfish have been kept as pets for thousands of years, since the time of ancient China.
  • They never close their eyes; meaning goldfish can sleep with their eyes open!
  • Goldfish can see infrared and ultraviolet light — spectrums that we can’t see.

Fun facts about bearded dragons

  • Bearded dragons — beardies — come from Australia.
  • When they bob their heads, it means they’re feeling territorial.
  • They sometimes wave their arms as though saying hello.