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What Should I Feed My Small-Breed Dog?

Finding the right dog food for your small breed buddy


Why are little dogs different than big dogs?

Small-breed dogs have smaller stomachs and should get portions that are appropriately sized for their optimal weight. However, small breeds also typically need more energy than medium and large breeds.

Small breeds tend to live about twice as long as big breeds, making them more susceptible to certain age-related health problems. There are a wide range of formulas for life stage, from puppy to adult to senior, as well as grain-free and limited ingredient diets for those with sensitivities. Finally, small-breed dogs are sometimes pickier eaters. You can find a wide range of flavors and textures appealing to canines large and small.

So what should small breed dogs eat?

The answer: Dog food made just for them.

Look for food labeled “small breed,” “toy breed” or similar phrases. This special food comes in pieces sized for your dog’s smaller jaws and has a higher concentration of fat and protein for energy.

Small-breed dog food may also include ingredients that support your petite pooch’s immune system, including antioxidants, Vitamin E and beta carotene.

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