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What Kind of Dog Bed Should I Buy?

The perfect snooze spot for your pet


Help sleeping dogs lie

Dogs snooze a lot. And like most pets (and people), they prefer to sleep in a soft, comfy place. When those adorable dog yawns start coming on, some pets retire to a crate in the kitchen or utility room. Others might flop on a pillow in the living room or bedroom. Some lucky dogs have beds and sleeping places in multiple locations. Luckily, there’s a dog bed out there for pretty much every pooch preference.

Bed types

The type of bed you choose for your dog should depend somewhat on your pet’s sleeping style and sensitivity. Some dogs could conk out on a rock, while others are as fussy as “The Princess and the Pea.” One of these bed styles may work best:

  • Pillow: The most popular style of dog bed comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Some are filled with flea-repelling cedar chips (which also give off a pleasant smell whenever your dog thumps down on it). Look for a bed with a removable cover you can throw in the laundry when it gets hairy. (Or drooly. Or smelly.)
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  • Mat: Some dogs like a flat surface in the corner of a room. For a dog who sleeps in a crate, a firm foam crate pad covered in durable, washable nylon can make the space more comfortable.
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  • Nest: Made to please a snuggle-bug. A nest bed has raised sides that many pups find comforting. Nest-style beds are especially popular with shorthaired breeds and older dogs.
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  • Orthopedic: Older dogs and pooches with certain health concerns, such as hip dysplasia, joint problems, arthritis or obesity may be more comfortable on a supportive bed, made with medical-grade polyfoam.
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  • Heated: Dogs with arthritis or other joint problems, or those who live in a cold climate, will appreciate a warm, toasty spot.
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