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Costume Tips for Your Dog this Halloween


Dressing up your dog can be a ton of fun. Whether it's Halloween or another festive holiday, choosing a dog costume that makes your pup stand out highlights their style and their great personality. When Halloween comes around each year, pet parents all over want to choose the best dog costume for their pup so they can win the costume contest, impress the neighbors and make the other dogs jealous. 


Are you choosing a costume for your pup for Halloween? What are some of the most popular choices and what are some dog costume tips to make sure you keep your dog happy and safe?


Some of the Most Popular Dog Costumes: 


  • Pumpkin - In the true spirit of Halloween, many pet parents love to go with the classic. A pumpkin or a jack o'lantern costume is always a festive and stylish choice.


  • Bumble Bee - Bumble bees are so cute as they buzz around the neighborhood, helping flowers grow. Who wouldn’t want to see their dog dressed up as one? This is another popular costume for pups of all sizes. 


  • Dragon - For those who want to dress their dog up in something a little more mythical or spooky, dragon dog costumes are another incredible option. 


6 of The Best Dog Costume Tips: 


While dressing your dog up in costumes is fun, you also need to make sure they stay comfortable, safe and happy while they wear them. Here are 6 of the best dog costume tips:


  1. Make Sure You Can Identify Them  - Safety is the number one priority of your puppy. Your pets should always have identification and registration tags on their collars. This is even more important during Halloween. If you’re staying at home to pass out candy, then your front door will be opening and closing a lot, making it more likely that your dog could run out. Also, with their costume on, they could be harder to identify based on their looks alone. A dog ID tag is essential! 

  3. Don’t Force It - While some dogs love to dress up, it isn’t every pup’s favorite thing to do. Some dogs really don’t like having clothes on their body. It can make them feel constricted to have something unfamiliar on them. If you really want to get them a costume on Halloween night, Try getting them comfortable with it first. Start early, and depending on the intricacy of the disguise, start dressing them slowly and in pieces to gauge their reaction. Offer their favorite treats, play or other postive things so they associate wearing a costume with positive feelings. If they still are not happy about it, then it might not be the right option for them! 

  5. Make Sure It Fits Them Well - If your dog doesn’t mind the costume, make sure you find them one that fits them well.  A costume should never confine, constrain or aggravate your pet. Anything that makes them uncomfortable can stress them or irritate certain parts of their skin if it’s too tight. 

  7. Make Sure They Won’t Chew on Anything - You never want your pup to chew on something that could end up in their tummy. Check the costume for little parts within biting or chewing distance. Remember, they’ll chew on anything they find remotely interesting, especially if they are in a nervous state. Remember to not leave the costume on while they are unsupervised.

  9. Make Sure They Still Have All Their Senses - Costumes can sometimes cover parts of your pup that they need to navigate around their world. Look closely at the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat of your dog or cat once they are dressed. Make adjustments to the costume, as needed, including cutting eye and ear holes or removing whole portions of the costume to ensure your pet’s ability to see, hear and breathe. Your pet will have a much better time if they can use all of their senses to engage with you and their surroundings as normal. When their senses are blocked, this can add to feelings of stress or nervousness surrounding the unfamiliar outfit and busy evening.  

  11. Have Fun! - Most of all, remember to have fun with your pup on these special days of the year. While you’re at it, pick a costume to match them! Take tons of pictures so that you can always remember how much fun you have with your dog every Halloween. Costumes are a great way to create memories that last a lifetime.