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Toxic Holiday Plants & Symptoms to Look for

Make your home beautiful for the holidays – and safe for your cat – by avoiding these seasonal plants that can be toxic to your feline friend:

1: Holiday and Seasonal Decorative Plants

  • Amaryllis spp.
  • Chrysanthemum spp
  • American Mistletoe Phoradendron spp
  • Autumn Crocus Colchicum autumnale
  • Bittersweet Celastrus spp
  • Japanese Euonymus japonicus
  • Holly Ilex spp
  • Christmas Rose Helleborus niger
  • Crown of Thorn Euphorbia milii
  • Poinsettia E. pulcherrima
  • Jerusalem Cherry Solanum pseudocapsicum

2: Symptoms of Plant Poisoning

  • Continual vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Refusal of food
  • Pale gums or tongue
  • Swollen tongue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Convulsions

3: What to Do

If your cat is displaying any one or combination of these symptoms it is possible it has ingested a poisonous plant. Plant poisoning is dangerous and medical attention should be sought immediately. Try to identify the plant that has been ingested and have its scientific name available when you contact your veterinarian. This information will provide for a quicker diagnosis and treatment of your pet.