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Litter Box Training Tips

How to train your kitty to use the litter box


If cats could talk, they’d probably have plenty to say about how they like to do their business. To encourage good potty habits and make things nicer for your cat and you, here are some things cats would like you to know about their litter boxes:

“I need my own private space.”

Keep a separate litter box for every cat you have; cats like their own personal place to go. Place the box in a quiet area, away from food and water dishes.

If your kitty is particularly modest, a covered litter box may also be helpful.

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“Please keep it clean.”

Cats are neat freaks. Maintain your kitty’s litter box by cleaning out clumps and droppings daily. Try an advanced litter brand for better odor control — but once you find the litter brand your cat loves best, stick to it.

Once a week, wash the box and replace the litter completely.

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“I’m sorry; I made a mistake.”

Most kittens master using the litter box by the time they’re 12 weeks old. Be aware, though, that a change in their routine — for example, moving to a new home — may cause them to backslide for a little while.

If kitty has an accident outside of the box, clean it with an enzymatic odor neutralizer so your cat won’t be tempted to keep marking the spot.

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