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CAT / training & behavior

Kitty-Proof Your Home

Help keep your kitten out of mischief


How much trouble can my new kitten really get into?

Cats are curious little creatures. Here are some things you’ll want to do before your kitten gets into trouble at home:

  • Collect breakable objects, such as vases and collectibles, and put them someplace your kitty can’t get to them.
  • Do the same with houseplants — a lot of them are toxic for cats.
  • Remove tablecloths. Kittens love to try that trick where they whip off the tablecloth and the wineglasses stay in place, but they’re pretty bad at it. OK, kidding — but they may try to climb the tablecloth.
  • Make sure cleaning products, bleach, and any other toxic chemicals are locked or latched away.
  • Check for frayed electrical cords that could shock your kitty. Unplug any electrical appliances you’re not using.
  • Tie up or cut the cords on blinds and curtains, so your flying fur friend doesn’t accidentally get tangled in them.
  • Make sure your cat can’t slip out and escape from any open windows. And don’t leave high windows wide open; despite what you may have heard, cats can get badly hurt if they fall.