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How to Feed Your Kitten

Your little kitty needs a healthy recipe formulated for growing cats


The difference between kitten food and cat food

Pound for pound, growing kittens need more calories than adult cats. They also need the right mix of protein to support their heart and muscles; healthy fats for supple skin and a shiny coat; and carbohydrates for energy. Choose a high-quality brand of food that’s made and labeled especially for kittens.

Never substitute dog food for cat food. Dog formulas may not have the right amounts of certain nutrients, such as taurine, which supports feline heart health, vision and digestion.

How often and how much should I feed my kitten?

Kittens need to eat frequently. Give kitty three meals a day until they’re six months old. From six months to a year, kittens should eat twice a day.

Growing cats always seem hungry, but between meals, don’t give in to those adorable saucer eyes. Overfeeding kittens can set them up for health problems down the road.

The amount you should give your kitten depends on your pet’s size and optimal weight. Check the label of your kitten’s food for portion recommendations, or follow feeding instructions from your vet.

Always have fresh water available for your kitten.

When should I switch my kitten to adult cat food?

Once cats are fully-grown, they don’t need as many calories, so it’s time to change the menu. Switch to cat food when your cat is one to two years old. If you’re unsure if your cat is ready for a diet change, consult your vet.

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