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Crate & Carrier Sizing Chart

Use the measurements below to help you choose the right accommodations for a healthy, happy pet.

  • 2X SMALL (Up to 10lbs):

    Common Breeds: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 9" tall, 16" long

  • EXTRA SMALL (Up to 15lbs):

    Common Breeds: Dachshund (miniature), Maltese, Pekingese

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 11" tall, 18" long

  • SMALL (Up to 25lbs):

    Common Breeds: Cavalier King Charles, French Bulldog, Scottish Terrier

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 16" tall, 22" long

  • MEDIUM (Up to 30lbs):

    Common Breeds: Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Welsh Corgi

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 20" tall, 24" long

  • INTERMEDIATE (Up to 50lbs):

    Common Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 23" tall, 30" long

  • LARGE (Up to 70lbs):

    Common Breeds: Chow Chow, Samoyed, Whippet

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 25" tall, 32" long

  • EXTRA LARGE (90lbs +):

    Common Breeds: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever

    YOUR PET SIZE: up to 28" tall, 36" long