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Affiliate FAQ


What is the petsmart.com Affiliate Program and how does it work?
The petsmart.com Affiliate Program is an online revenue partnership between you and petsmart.com. You generate revenue through commissions earned on all sales made through a petsmart.com link on your site. We provide banners and logos to place on your site which link to petsmart.com. When a visitor from your site clicks through to petsmart.com, we track the customer's purchase and pay you a commission on every sale. The customer's order carries a special tracking code letting us know they clicked through a link on your site and made a purchase at petsmart.com. We record every sale and the date the purchases were made. Our commission rate is based on a tiered structure.

Why choose the petsmart.com Affiliate Program?

  • PetSmart is a nationally recognized brand that people know and trust—built on years of reliable service and great values—as the largest pet supply retailer in the country.
  • We pay commissions on every product sold—thousands of quality pet supplies including specialty gifts and petsmart.com exclusive items found only on our site. The amount of commissions you can earn is unlimited!
  • We provide the highest level of customer service and support. We fulfill orders and ship product from PetSmart's warehouse, a state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Kentucky.

How do I track orders and determine how much I should be paid?
We do all the tracking for you. Once you've been approved and your site links have been properly established, you can get up-to-date online reports and track your sales performance. Your results are updated each day to provide the latest information you need to monitor your performance and better manage your affiliate relationship with petsmart.com. Your commissions and rewards will be paid monthly.

How much does it cost to join?
It's absolutely FREE to join our Affiliate Program! There is no application fee or minimum sales requirement.

Who can participate?
Anyone with a website may participate. Whether you have a large shopping or community site, or an individual web page, we welcome you to become an affiliate! Some restrictions apply. Please visit our Affiliate Agreement for additional details.

Will I earn a commission on purchases made through my own link?
Yes! You'll receive commissions on all purchases made through your link.

How do I create links to petsmart.com?
It's easy! Once you've been accepted into our Affiliate Program, we'll send you an email with simple instructions for copying and pasting the special html tracking code into your site's source file.

Can I link to individual products?
Yes! You may create links to any of the 10,000+ products on petsmart.com or choose from our selection of Special Promotion, Homepage, Pet Shopping, Search and Clearance banners and text links.

What should I do if I forgot my username and password?
Please visit http://www.linkshare.com and click on "Client Login," and follow the instructions located beneath the username box to have your username and password sent to you by email.

If I, or my customers, use a coupon for purchases made through my link, will I still receive credit?
Yes! You will receive credit for all purchases made through your links, including those made using coupons.

How long does it take for sales and revenue to show on my reports?
Orders placed before 10 p.m. (Pacific Time), will appear on your sales report the following day. Your revenue report (which shows your affiliate earnings) will appear after your entire order has been shipped. Unless an item is backordered, orders generally ship within 24 hours from when the order was placed.