H20mes & Funky Retro Tank Tour


If you love fun colors, bold design & a splash of disco nostalgia, we have the tank inspo for you. Jodi Bond, an IG-famous home designer known as @houseonasugarhill creates her colorful Glofish aquarium. Design your own funky retro tank.

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Color your world with brightly colored GloFish & aquariums


With color central to your aesthetic, express yourself with our rainbow variety of GloFish, aquatic tanks & decor.

GloFish Collection 

If you’re looking for some fun color and brightness to light up your fish tank, PetSmart’s GloFish collection might be a great place for you to start!


About the GloFish 

GloFish are fantastically colored and easy to care for freshwater fish. These eye-catching fish are an excellent choice for any new fish owner. Any type of GloFish can flourish in a tank environment that is decorated with either live or artificial decor. When planning a tank design for your GloFish, check out our online and in-store options. PetSmart does carry a line of tank decor that is specially made for GloFish. The artificial decor glows under special LED lights that we have available in order to enhance the fluorescent hues of the fish. When looking for your GloFish tank set-up, consider one of the many aquarium kits we have available. Our GloFish tank set-ups do not include decor, so if you’re looking to style your tank, we have many decor options for you to choose from. Due to their very standard care needs and attention-grabbing glowing and schooling, GloFish are an exceptional choice for a child’s fish tank.

GloFish glow naturally through genetic traits that were initially found in marine jellyfish. This glowing is not temporary, lasts the duration of the fish’s life, and is even passed down to their offspring. At PetSmart, we have many different types and colors of GloFish available. Whether you are looking for danios, barbs, tetras, or a little bit of everything, we can help. Because GloFish are just a glowing variety of more common tank fish, their care requirements are also similar to their non-glowing counterparts. GloFish tend to do better in larger tanks where schooling is easier to achieve. These freshwater fish are available in six colors: Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Cosmic Blue, Starfire Red, Moonrise Pink, and Galactic Purple.


We’re Here to Help
GloFish are a very popular purchase at PetSmart. If you have any questions about our GloFish collection or current availability, our expert staff would be happy to help you either on the phone or in person.