H20mes & Peaceful Neutrals Tank Tour


Are black and white the two primary colors in your life? Are you more of a minimalist than a maximalist? Then this Peaceful Neutrals fish tank design is made for you. Go ahead—venture underwater to see how interior designer Valentina Fussell from @thehouseofvalentina created a tank for her beloved Black Mollies that fits in beautifully with the rest of her decor.

Design Your Modern Oasis

Design Your Modern Oasis


From black & white gravel to delicate white coral to smoked oak cabinets, accent your space with sleek modern décor that creates the perfect oasis for your home & your Black Molly fish.

Black Molly Collection


PetSmart offers a variety of choices for fish lovers. Whether you’re looking for one fish to care for or a school of fish to spice up your tank, PetSmart can help. 


About the Black Molly 

Black Mollies thrive in a tank environment that is decorated with either live or artificial decor. When looking for your Black Molly tank set-up, consider one of the many aquarium kits we have available. Most Black Molly tank set-ups do not include decor, so if you’re looking to style the tank yourself, we have many decor options for you to choose from. When planning a tank design for your Black Molly, check out our online and in-store options. Due to their very standard care needs and attention-grabbing swimming, Black Mollies are a great choice for a child’s fish tank as well. The Black Molly is an excellent choice for any beginner looking to dip their toes into the world of fish care. Black Mollies are attractive and hardy fish that can vary in coloration. Mollies are very peaceful fish as they are rarely territorial and mesh well with many other freshwater fish we have available. Black Mollies are fairly active swimmers, and they make an excellent choice for any tank 10 gallons or above. These fish are great to purchase in groups of the same sex as they will sometimes school with others—their diets in the wild consist of tiny worms, plankton, and natural vegetation. In a tank setting, the Black Molly’s diet can consist of flake, frozen, and freeze-dried food that we sell both in-store and online. 

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