H20mes & Décor Zen + Garden Chic Tank Tour


If you’ve got a green thumb & love a jungle-like oasis, then we’ve got inspiration for you. See how Instagram’s favorite plant-fluencer Leo Zeller AKA @phileodendron designed his luscious betta tank by bringing the outside inside. Create a zen garden aquarium of your own.

Build Your Underwater Garden

Create Your Underwater Garden


Create the zen space of your dreams with unique tanks, bamboo, dragon stones, moss & ferns to inspire a therapeutic environment for you & an interactive home for your betta.

Betta Collection

If you’re looking for one fish to call your new pet. Our Betta fish collection might just be the place for you. 

About the Betta

Bettas do well in a tank environment that is decorated with either live or artificial decor. When looking for your Betta tank set-up, consider one of the many Betta aquarium kits we have available. Some Betta tank set-ups come with a filter but you will have to purchase decor separately to style the tank yourself, we have many decor options for you to choose from. When planning a tank design for your betta, check out our online and in-store options. The Betta fish is an excellent choice for any fish parent that loves vibrant colors and long flowing tails and fins. Betta fish are the most popular choice among beginners for a multitude of reasons. These fish are easy to care for and create a great focal point for any location. The male and female bettas are easy to tell apart as males usually are more vibrant and colorful than females. Male bettas are territorial, and if put in a tank environment with other males, they will fight, likely until one remains. The male betta does best in a solo environment. Betta fish can inhale air from just above the surface of the water in their tank. This known fact has led people to believe they will thrive in extremely small tanks. While they may survive, Bettas do their best in a tank that is at least three gallons or more and has a low flow filtration system. In tanks, Bettas can eat flake, frozen, or freeze-dried fish food


We’re Here to Help
As Betta care can be slightly more intermediate than some fish we have available, our dedicated PetSmart employees are available to help with any needs or concerns you may have about your Betta. 

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