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Koi are the fish that are most commonly associated with garden ponds. They have been raised in the Orient for centuries, with the earliest colored varieties dating back two hundred years. Due to the size of these fish they should be kept in large sized ponds, especially if you plan on keeping more than a few fish. Koi have strong mouths, and like to dig in the substrate. Therefore, only tough leafed plants should be planted in the pond, and be sure to protect the roots and soil of your pots with a layer of gravel.

Features: These fish can regularly live to be 60 years old or more, making them lifelong pets.
Includes: 1 Fish
Experience Level: Intermediate
Swimming Level: Middle
Color: Variety of colors
Size: Maximum Size 24 in

Feeding Instructions:
Diet: Flake, Leafy Vegetables

Housing: 75+ gallon tank, Lightly Planted, Water temperature 64-75 degrees F

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Common Names
Nishikigoi, Koi, Japanese colored carp, Brocaded carp

Scientific Name
Cyprinus carpio species



Feeding Habits
Koi will eat all types of food. Live, frozen, freeze-dried, and prepared foods will be devoured without hesitation. Make sure to include plenty of plant material in their diet. Most prepared koi foods include plant material, but occasionally feeding spirulina flakes, wheat germ pellets, or even chopped, frozen spinach would be a good idea.

Koi are generally peaceful. They may, however, pick on slow moving fish such as fancy goldfish. Since they are cool water fish, they generally should not be housed in an aquarium with Tropical Fish.

Koi can be overwintered in the pond in most areas of the country if the water is at least 3 feet deep. They are not as cold tolerant as the goldfish, so keeping them indoors would be advised in very cold climates. Koi can be kept in a large aquarium set-up in a cool basement or garage until the spring, then returned to the pond.

Additional Comments
There are many different color variations of koi available. Their average life span is 60 years.

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