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GLO®Fish Starfire Red Tiger Barb


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If you want something better and brighter than a standard goldfish, look no further! Take home a Starfire Red Tiger Barb Glofish and he will light up your home in the best way possible! Glofish are similar to other fish, except they have a much brighter disposition, making them the perfect pet for kids and adults! Get ready to have to the coolest aquatic companion on the block.

Features: Glofish are hardy, community fish that get along well with other fish species, but be careful when combing other fish with Glofish, as not all fish are friendly
Includes: (1) Starfire Red Tiger Barb Glofish
Experience Level: Beginner
Swimming Level: Middle
Color: Red
Size: 3 in

Feeding Instructions:
Flake, Frozen, Freeze-Dried

Housing: 3 Gallon Tank, Heavily Planted

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GLO®Fish Starfire Red Tiger Barb
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