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Dinosaur Bichir


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Due to their size, eels require a long or large aquarium. Minimum aquarium size should be 29 gallons, but preferably 55 gallons or more. A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every one inch of full-grown fish. These fish prefer fine gravel or sand substrate on the bottom of the aquarium, as eels often burrow into the sand. They are predominantly secretive rock dwellers in nature so be sure your aquarium has plenty of hiding places such as large stones and rockwork. Since eels love to dig, use potted live plants to prevent uprooting.

Species: Lizards
Environment: Temperate
Maturity Size: 35.5 cm
Average Lifespan: 12+ years
Experience Level: Intermediate
Activity: Bottom Dwelling Predator
Eating Characteristics: A carnivore, feed meaty foods such as earthworms, shrimp, bloodworms, mussels and fish fillets such as silversides. Feed once a day.
Tank Size: 55+ gallons
Must have a spacious tank with exceptional filtration. Prefers a sandy substrate with plenty of hiding places. A secure lid is a must as this fish is a known escape. They prefer acidic water. Don't add fish smaller than 3" to be tank mates.

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Dinosaur Bichir
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