KONG® dog toys encourage play, satisfying instinctual needs.

KONG - Dogs Need to Play.

KONG has been enriching the lives of dogs and meeting their instinctual need to play for over 40-years. Built for durability and made in the USA, all KONG Rubber products are 100% All-Natural.

KONG dog toys encourage play and offer enrichment while helping prevent behavioral challenges. Extend playtime by stuffing your KONG with tempting bits of kibble and KONG Snacks, entice with a dash of peanut butter or KONG Easy Treat. Add to the challenge by freezing a stuffed KONG.

KONG Classic


The gold standard of dog toys, KONG Classic shapes are built for durability and playful enrichment



Use KONG Snacks as a treat or for stuffing into your KONG Classic, add a dab of Easy Treat to entice



Fetch, chew, snuggle or puzzle out a treat with toys that delight while meeting all types of play needs