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BLUE Naturally Fresh® Natural Training Kitten Litter - Clumping

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BLUE Naturally Fresh Kitten Training Litter makes teaching your kitten to use the litter box a quick and easy proposition. This litter aggressively neutralizes litter box odors, and features a hard-clumping formula that allows for easier clean-up and less messes. It is also virtually dust-free, and doesn't stick to paws so it is not tracked around your home. Get your kitty off on the right foot when it comes to using the litter box with this safe and natural solution.


  • Superior odor control
  • Made from a proprietary brand of fibrous materials found on the walnut shell
  • Harder clumps for easier scooping
  • Virtually no dust
  • Low tracking
  • 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable

    Material: Walnuts
    Environment Type: Indoors
    Species: Kittens
    Color: Brown
    Package Weight:14 lb
    Caution: Transitioning to Naturally Fresh Litter:

    Start by placing one to two inches of BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Quick Clumping Litter in a clean cat litter box.

  • Top dress with enough of your current cat litter to cover BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter.
  • Each time you change the litter, reduce the amount of your current litter.
  • It typically takes one or two changes for most cats to be comfortable with a new litter. Repeat reducing the amount of your current litter if needed.

    Wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Cat feces sometimes carry parasites that can cause toxoplasmosis. Pregnant women and people with suppressed immune systems should avoid contact with used cat litter.


  • Fill clean litter box to the recommended level of 3 inches.
  • BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick-Clumping Litter forms an easily removable clump of waste when wet. Remove with a scoop and discard according to your local regulations.
  • Maintain by removing clumps and solid waste daily. Add more litter, as needed, to maintain 3 inch depth.
  • It is recommended that you clean and sanitize your litter box every 30 days to maintain a fresh and healthy litter box for your cat.
  • Based on a single-cat household, BLUE Naturally Fresh Natural Training Quick Clumping Litter should last at least 30 days between changes, or as needed, for odor control.
  • BLUE Naturally Fresh® Natural Training Kitten Litter - Clumping
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