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Skout's Honor® Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer


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Skout's Honor Urine and Odor Destroyer quickly removes cat urine, vomit, hairball, feces, marking scents, spray stains and other odors. This easy-to-use product will help to keep your home free from urine stains and odors associated with our furry but sometimes smelly friends.

Features: Natural, Professional Strength
Intended For: Indoor
Includes: (1) 35-oz bottle
Total Weight: 35 oz
Use: Stain Remover, Deodorizer

Cautions: May discolor or damage silk, leather or natural wood surfaces. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Use in well-ventilated areas.

BEFORE USE: Remove as much of the stain-causing material as possible. Test a small, inconspicuous area for colorfastness. If color is removed from the test area, do not use product on that surface. Note: Uric acid damage to light colored carpets (redding) may not be visible until after stain is removed.
Step 1: Saturate soiled area and 1-2 inch perimeter with product. For carpets and upholstery, make sure to saturate backing and padding.
Step 2: Wait 5 minutes, then remove excess moisture with a colorfast cloth or paper towel. For textiles, blot or vacuum with wet-vac for best results.
Step 3: Allow area to dry naturally & completely before children or pets re-enter the area. A second application may be necessary for dried or stubborn stains.

Deionized Water, Biokore (Plant-Based Surfactant), Biodegradable Molecular Complex (Mineral-Based Deodorizer), Plant-Based Fragrance

Compatible With: Safe for use on rugs, carpets, upholstery, clothing and other porous & water-safe surfaces.

Skout's Honor® Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer
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