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How to Take Care of Your New Bunny Rabbit

A care guide for new rabbits


You’re in luck! Bunnies aren’t high-maintenance pets, but they do need some common-sense care to stay well:

Regular checkups

Enlist a veterinarian who’s experienced with small pets. Schedule checkups as your vet recommends to help keep your rabbit happy and healthy. The vet will likely ask about your pet’s diet and behavior, and provide a weigh-in and a general health checks.

Toothy truths

A rabbits’ teeth never stop growing, so help keep them healthy by providing your bunny with a constant supply of hay to gnaw on. If you notice your rabbit is losing weight or has a decreased appetite, it could be a tooth problem, so contact your vet.

Good nutrition

Maintain your rabbit at a healthy weight with a balanced diet that includes hay, pellets and plenty of fresh water. Don’t give your bunny too many treats, and make sure the ones you do give them are low in sugar and carbs.

Exercise and socializing

Rabbits need at least an hour outside their cage every day to hop around and to hang out with their humans.

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