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Wish List

With our Wish List option, you can create your very own list of products that you want to purchase at a later time. It's simple, just shop at petsmart.com and add products to your Wish List instead of the shopping cart. Products remain on your Wish List until they are purchased or removed.

You can access your Wish List any time you visit petsmart.com by signing in to My Account with your e-mail and password.

Wish List Options:

  • Move Products to a Shopping Cart. When you are ready to purchase a product that's on your Wish List, simply select the product and click "Add to Cart." You'll then be able to purchase the product through our secure Checkout.
  • Private Wish List. All newly created Wish Lists by default are set to Private.
  • Public Wish List. New family member? Celebrating a pet's birthday? Make your Wish List viewable by your friends and family! Simply click "Make Public" under the title of your Wish List to have it displayed publicly to all website visitors.