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e-Gift Certificates

e-Gift Certificates are redeemable online only at petsmart.com and cannot be used at any PetSmart retail store.

e-Gift Certificates are available to purchase in any denomination and are sent via e-mail to any individual with a valid e-mail address. Each certificate contains a purchasing code and PIN number that are activated within 24 hours of receiving the e-mail.

How to Purchase an e-Gift Certificate:

  • Go to our e-Gift Certificates page.
  • Click "Purchase now" under the e-Gift Certificates information.
  • Fill out the order form and make your purchase.

After Purchasing an e-Gift Certificate:

  • The recipient will receive an e-mail with all the information needed to use the e-Gift Certificate at petsmart.com. Code and PIN number are activated within 24 hours of receiving the e-mail.
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail.

How to Redeem an e-Gift Certificate:

  • Shop at petsmart.com and add products to your Shopping Cart.
  • When you're ready to check out, go to your Shopping Cart.
  • Proceed through Checkout.
  • Enter your e-Gift Certificate code (codes are case sensitive) and PIN number on the Payment page and click "Apply."
  • If you're using more than one e-Gift Certificate, simply enter each code and click "Apply" after each one.

e-Gift Certificate Rules & Regulations:

  • An e-Gift Certificate cannot be used to purchase another e-Gift Certificate.
  • e-Gift Certificates are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen e-Gift Certificates.
  • No sales tax is charged when buying e-Gift Certificates. However, products purchased with an e-Gift Certificate will be charged applicable sales tax if shipped to the states indicated here.
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Care Department.