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Zoo Med™ Power Sweep Powerhead

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This Zoo Med Powersweep 160 Automatic Self-Rotating Wavemaker/Biofilter is self-rotating, which creates greater surface agitation to allow a high oxygen exchange rate. In addition, the rotating motion breaks down the surface film of dead bacteria which can inhibit oxygen exchange. All models feature a Venturi aerating system, adjustable flow rates and all mounting accessories. In addition, the Powersweep is great for use as a wave maker in marine tanks. Only at PetSmart.

Features: Increases efficiency of your tank's undergravel filtration system; Introduces beneficial oxygen into the aquarium: CSA approved
Includes: 1 Powersweep
Intended For: Fresh or saltwater aquariums
Size:Fits all undergravel systems from ¾ in to 1 ⅛ in
Color: Black

Zoo Med™ Power Sweep Powerhead
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