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K&H CleanFlow Large Replacement Filter

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K&H CleanFlow Small Replacement Filters make certain that the filtration in your pet bowl is always working at optimal capacity. Filtration is vital to ensuring clean and fresh drinking water for your pet, and these small replacement filters help to facilitate that process.


  • Filters up to 130 times per hour
  • Filters out floating, suspended, and sinking particles
  • Charcoal filter helps remove impurities
  • Attracts your pets attention encouraging water consumption
  • Perfect for multi-pet homes

    Includes: 3-pack of filter cartridges
    Color: Black
    Capacity: Large

    Cleaning Instructions: Remove the pump and filter and the bowl is dishwasher safe. Reservoir is hand wash only. We recommend cleaning the water pump and filter at least once per month to extend their life and keep your water fresh for the longest length of time.

  • K&H CleanFlow Large Replacement Filter
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