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America's Choice Bio-Security Bedding

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$11.04 $12.99

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Keep your chickens comfortable and safe with America's Choice AWF Amchcambio Security Bedding 2.0. This bedding is made specifically for chickens, and is heat treated at 600 degrees. This special heat treatment kills pathogens such as E. coli, mold and salmonella for a healthier environment.

Features: Heat treated at 600 degrees killing pathogens such as e coli, mold, and salmonella.
Includes: Security Bedding
Intended Pet(s): Chickens or Turkeys
Material(s): Natural Pine
Color: Tan
Package Weight: 20 lb (Package weight expands to 2.0 cubic feet or 113 liters)
Place 1-3 inches of bedding in your pet's habitat depending on the number and type of pets housed.

America's Choice Bio-Security Bedding
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