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Happy Hen Treats Chicken Infrared Bulb

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This Happy Hen Treats 250 Watt Infrared Bulb keeps your chicks warm and so much more. This simple bulb can also help to reduce stress in chicks caused by constant exposure to normal light. It also helps to reduce pecking and cannibalism in young birds.

Features: Reduces stress in chicks, Reduces cannibalism and pecking in young birds
Includes: 1 Bulb
Intended For: Poultry
Material: Glass
Color: Red
Compatible With: Happy Hen Treats Single Lamp Infrared Brooder Reflector

Instructions: Screw bulb into infrared lamp

Caution: Watch your chicks closely to better determine their heating requirements. Chicks that huddle on top of each other under the lamp are too cold. Chicks that stay scattered away from the heat lamp are too hot.

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